It’s not often that you come across a voice as striking, powerful, and evocative as Berlin-based newcomer, Andreas Vey. Ranging from a crystal clear, angelically fragile falsetto, all the way to an earthy, rich and powerful baritone, there’s just one word that comes close to describing the impact… staggering. It’s a voice that will see him captivate audiences around the globe, and we’re thrilled to be offering the first look at his debut single ‘The One’, exclusively premiering here at FMS.

Recorded with and produced by Richard Wilkinson (Adele, Amy Winehouse, Rhys Lewis) in the historic town of Basel, Switzerland, ‘The One’ is a sincere and dreamy piano based ballad that showcases Vey’s sublime vocals, whilst demonstrating his enchantingly intricate songwriting; a heart-breaking confession of love for the one that got away. The song is accompanied by a beautifully shot music video, that see’s Andreas roaming from the streets of Berlin to the vast, tranquil countryside.

“I need to hear the life in the sounds. The breathing, the creaking and all those little imperfections, because it’s just natural.”

Having been troubled by mental health issues for the majority of his 20s, ‘The One’ was written shortly after making the move from the small German village Andreas grew up in, to the bustling, wild capital where he was struggling to find his feet.

“I had a breakdown and moved to Berlin to begin again. Somehow it started with a clutch of failures and setbacks. I couldn’t find a place to stay and worked in twenty or more different daily jobs and finally my girlfriend broke up with me.” explains Andreas. “I was pretty lost and disillusioned and I wandered through the city a lot at that time. I remember being pretty overwhelmed by the hectic city and all the different impressions while I was seeking refuge and solace.”

With the opening lyric of “Sitting here on old Potsdammer Platz,” the song’s grounding in the city kicks off the captivating imagery that Vey creates in ‘The One’, which is elegantly mirrored in the music video. Full of earthy textures amongst the dreamy reverberated piano, ‘The One’ has an organic quality that makes it feel effortless to connect to the song. “I need to hear the life in the sounds. The breathing, the creaking and all those little imperfections, because it’s just natural. Nature is full of these little imperfections and that’s where the true beauty of life lies to me.”Andreas said.

Despite it being some of the most challenging times for Andreas, it’s clear they were also some of the most formative. With an EP said to be arriving later in the year, we can’t wait to see where Andreas takes us next.

‘The One’ is out now.

Photo: Clemens Barth

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