Get Instagram Ready with Our Festival Fashion Picks

Secret Garden Party 2016 (c) Danny North / Fanatic 2016

One of the best, most exciting and effervescently creative moments for fashion rolls around every summer in the form of, you guessed it, festivals! It gives us the excuse to experiment with colour and our own personal style because literally anything goes, including the glitter we cover ourselves in and spend the next year trying to get out of every crevice and space.

We love getting inspiration by seeing what everyone wears, as social media allows us to share and send out favourite outfits and makeup techniques that are trending this festival season. Festivals themselves have even introduced themes for us to play with, such as Secret Garden Party’s take on our somewhat recently social media obsessed world, focusing their theme around this culture, which inspired us to put together an Instagram style look book, to help you garner ideas for your own outfits and must-haves.


Rule #1 = Go Glitter Crazy

This may be stating the obvious, but glitter is a festival trend that never goes out of style. What I’ve found is really trending are chain-mail and metal bras that can be worn on their own, under a sheer top, or over a crop top – the opportunities are endless, which means its re-wearable when you don’t have too much space to pack. This one is from Pretty Little Thing, but they are available also on Forever 21 and Depop for the most affordable options. Staying on the glitter theme, this overlay sheer top is also rewearable, because you can mix and match it by layering it with different pieces. Motel Rocks has an amazing glitter and sequin collection at the moment, which are so perfect – but be careful not to go crazy because you’ll want everything.


Rule #2 = Make A Statement

Sticking with the glitter trend but going a little more in your face, loads of places are featuring sequins on their clothes, which shimmy when you dance – perfect. This skirt is also from Motel Rocks! Brands like Rosa Bloom and Easy Tiger also have some amazing pieces you should check out. Statement tees are also huge at the moment, and we’re seeing this with loads of brands who feature cute slogans that allow you to send a message without saying it. Adolescent Clothing is a personal fave, because of their cute colours and funny slogans. Plus…its baby pink.


Rule #3 – Protect Yourself from The Sun, And Those People That Throw Beer and Pee At You

Sunglasses are another must have and also a huge trend people are playing with at the moment. We love the sunnies that feature a pop of colour to add a bit of interest to your look or tie things together, as well as the ’70s style rounded frames. These ones are from Quay Australia, who have a huge range at the moment. Also block out the rays and the haters with this top which is probably one of our favourites that promotes festival manners.



Rule #4 – Pack A Bag of Essentials

There’s a couple of finds on this list that are amazing hacks to getting around permanent hair stains and removing makeup in the middle of nowhere. First up are the Crazy Color temporary hair washes, that come in any colour you could name. Got a job that requires you don’t have coloured hair, but you want to experiment with the festival hair dye trend? Definitely go for Crazy Colors. They work on brunette hair too if you pick the right colour – I’ve tried it, and they are much easier than hair dye to apply, as they work more like a shampoo.

Second on the list would be the Removeil, which is a double-sided cloth made of real silver fibre which removes your makeup and exfoliates your skin. It’s super effective and much easier than bringing around makeup wipes with you and constantly scrubbing at your skin. It’s healthier for you and removes your makeup in a blink.

Something else I always have issues with at festivals is trying to hide my bra under the perfect outfit. These bras from Magic Body Fashion are strapless, backless and stick-on, and what’s more, is that they feature a pull up cord, which brings your boobs together and works like a push up bra. This is actually a life-saver for festivals for people who want the effects of a bra without having to actually see it.

Another little miracle worker, is the Real Techniques travel brush set from Beauty Base. It includes brushes in a compact bag for your foundation, concealer and eyeshadow, making application way easier and saving space. You can use them after festivals too and for other travel events because the brushes are the same quality as their full-size ones, so they ensure quality in a little package.

We can’t wait to see what you wear to your favourite festivals, so make sure to share your looks with us as well as your top festival fashion secrets and tips.

Words & Photos: Julia Cohen
Feature Image: Secret Garden Party 2016 (c) Danny North / Fanatic 2016