TABOU are four lads hailing from Essex, with that same fresh crispness as a new pair of white Converse still in the box. Box fresh for the Summer you might say.

After forming in January, they’ve been hard at work creating the kind of vibes that have been missing for far too long. Music is all about chemistry, and it’s evident when you hear TABOU that they are no strangers to each other, having met at school and having been involved musically together in one sense or another ever since.

Debut track, ‘Honey’, was released in April and garnered them much attention for its slick, almost contemporary R&B vibe, with flashes of nu-disco, and electro pop beats, including an outing on BBC Radio One and numerous plays on BBC Essex Introducing.

The track also caught the attention of musical oracle, and Virgin Radio DJ, Eddy Temple-Morris, who played TABOU on his Soho Radio show and hand-picked them to perform at Escape To The Manor this September 16th, the first year of a festival that he is helping to build.

Today sees the release of their latest track, ‘Upgrade’, which feels like a natural progression towards Nu-Soul but with slight leanings towards old skool garage. It is teeming with riffs, licks, and bass lines that straight up refuse to let you go… vocally, it is bang on the money too. The sign of a really good track is when it sits in your head and just refuses to budge. This is one of those.

TABOU are already displaying soulfulness in abundance and the level of musicianship and craftsmanship on display is indisputable. There is no denying that the overall sound they are producing sits right up there with any other track you could choose that is getting mass mainstream radio airplay today.

In a time where modern music has become a little heartless and disposable, TABOU are creating the kind of music that seems almost time-less… it is definitely contemporary and fresh-sounding, but is presented with a solid nod of appreciation back at those insanely funky tracks from the late ’70s and early ’80s that still get rinsed today.

The reason those classics from back in the day stand the test of time, is because they are full of soul. So whilst it is easy to imagine TABOU hitting the heights of commercial success and rising to the top, the almost time-less nature of their music seems to suggest that – if they play their cards right – they just might also have the kind of soul that could keep them there.

‘Upgrade’ is out now.

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Words: Jamie Noble