Watch a bizarre performance from long forgotten girl group, The Cake.

Uber-cool ladies, Jeanette Jacobs, Barbara Morillo and Eleanor Barooshian, formed in New York in 1966, and started out as a cappella act singing at Steve Paul’s The Scene.

Highly accepted as equals by their peers in the wicked world of rock ‘n roll, The Cake dated, worked with, and befriended a number of the coolest cats from the sixties in-crowd – such as Jimi Hendrix, Skip Spence and members of The Animals – and Jacobs even ended up who marrying Chris Wood of the English group, Traffic, in 1969. They also sang with Dr. John and The Soft Machine (It is said that the ex-Soft Machine Kevin Ayers’ song, ‘Eleanor’s Cake (Which Ate Her)’, from his 1970 LP, Joy Of A Toy, was written about Barooshian).

They released two albums on Decca Records, The Cake (1967) and A Slice Of Cake (1968). Both were recorded at the Gold Star Studios, LA.

Jeanette Jacobs sadly died on January 1, 1982, at a mere 32 years of age.

Words: Anders Knudsen