Explosive threesome, The Good The Bad, rocked the roof off Copenhagen’s legendary Loppen last Saturday night.

The double gig with Baby Woodrose was completely sold out. And it was tight. It was sexy. It was liberating.

All TGTB’s songs are titled with numbers – no words needed. This is larger than simple language. It’s vibrating.

At times I wonder if they’re secretly part of a bio-science project, where their heartbeats and movements have been synchronized in some Frankenstein surf rock monster. ‘Cause every minute of their 45 minute concert was naturally coordinated and balanced.

Tarantino movies and 1960’s The Shadows seem like a huge inspiration – but TGTB are much more tough and badass with their new wave surf.

It’s also majestic like Morricone’s many dramatic soundscapes from classic western movies – like The Good The Bad and The Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West – with reverbed surf guitar melodic licks from Adam Olsson, while Johan Lei Gellett’s fearsome drums melts together with Manoj Ramdas’ bass and guitar rhythmic riffs.

Since 2007 The Danish trio have played numerous concerts in Denmark, USA and London with Wayne Kramer and released three amazing albums – 001 to 017, 018 to 033 and 034 to 050 with only few songs lasting longer than 2.30 minutes.

Rumors are circling about an interesting new collaboration on their next album. We can’t wait to hear more!

In the meantime, enjoy part of their show from last year’s Distortion in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.


Words: Maria Viskinde
Photo: Kate Booker