The Cocktail Trading Co. Launch Brick Lane Flagship

Last Wednesday night saw the launch of The Cocktail Trading Co’s flagship bar on East London’s Brick Lane.

Conceptual concoctions were the focus feature of cocktails on the menu, with creative design taking precedence, without purging great taste. The cocktail bar is just a short distance from Shoreditch High Street, withholding an intimate atmosphere and carefully combined décor that allowed guests the choice of interacting with each other, or just keeping to themselves.

Spilt Milk | The Cocktail Trading Co.

Spilt Milk | The Cocktail Trading Co.

We were able to sample a range of cocktails, our favorite being the Eggsperimental Cocktail Cup made up of breakfast brandy, peach and blood orange, fresh tarragon, and sparkling wine with a garnishing of cheerio brittle. The drink also featured an eggshell carefully cracked in Germany and then sent to the bar to fill with delicious panna cotta. This proved the creativity wasn’t just in the design, but also the ingredients, making the bar a go-to place if you want to try something beyond the classic ‘mojito’ or ‘cosmopolitan.’

Another off the cuff cocktail was the Spilt Milk, served in the form of a glass tipped over a fake puddle of milk, with a side of chamomile tea to allow the drinker to finish off the recipe. This interactive option was one of the best aspects of the bar, as a lot of the cocktails allowed the guests to feel like they were part of the cocktail making process.

Bonsai Butterfly & Eggsperimental Cocktail Cup | The Cocktail Trading Co.

Bonsai Butterfly & Eggsperimental Cocktail Cup | The Cocktail Trading Co.

If you’re in to something a little less zany then you can try the Bonsai Butterfly cocktail, by far the one we saw circulating the bar the most. This is a beautiful gin and champagne cocktail, garnished with an intricate butterfly, poured into a ‘finger bowl.’ Another of our favourites came in the form of the unexpectedly tame tasting One in a Million. Don’t be threatened by the chilli tequila for this is a truly appetizing drink (we probably could have done with ten more), and you even get a lottery ticket with it allowing you the chance to win a cocktail master class!

We could go on about the many cocktails, and it truly is a great talking point mixing together not only a drink but also a social, fun and creative atmosphere. Whether you’re bored of the classic cocktail scene of London and want to take a taste bud risk, or just enjoy a cosy drink on a night out, The Cocktail Trading Co is for you.

With prices set at £9 per cocktail, what you get is reasonable amongst London prices, as you can be forking out the same amount for a simple, fruitless drink. This is set to be a hotspot in the heart of Shoreditch, so make sure to check it out as soon as possible, and get there early as it’ll fill up fast!

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Words: Julia Cohen