VIA Design @ Copenhagen Fashion Week

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The third and final day of Copenhagen Fashion Week saw big names such as Munthe and Muf10 hit the runways, but some of the most insightful and creatively stunning pieces came from the students that showcased at the VIA Design show. Two collections particularly stood out – those of Misha Ursu’s Letters to You collection and Daniel Rozsahegyi’s The Nutcracker collection.

Misha Ursu took an nontraditional and inspired look into the world of suicide as the premise for his collection. Ursu chose fashion design because of his need to “bring back the true essence of clothing creation due to the toxic nature of the fashion industry.” Rather than condemning suicide as cowardice and fearful, Ursu challenges us to find space in our minds to consider it as brave under a sense of escapism from a destructive world. He communicates this through his playful colour ways – most of the collection in pastel pinks, blues and whites – as well as implementing the use of ostrich feathers to represent a sense of boldness. Both our favourite and Ursu’s favourite is the feather jacket, taking 48 hours to create. However, another standout piece was the pill-based romper creating a playful spin on one of the most popular methods of suicide – the overdose.

Misha Ursu & Daniel Rozsahegyi

Misha Ursu | Daniel Rozsahegyi

Conversely, Daniel Rozsahegyi’s collection is inspired by male ballet, contrasted with sporty streetwear as “dressing up has always been the perfect way to express himself.” Rozsahegyi particularly drew from his favourite ballet, The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, and so borne The Nutcracker collection. Daniel’s pieces were genius and somewhere between high fashion and street style, making the clothing accessible to both fashion connoisseurs and streetwear followers alike. One of our favourite pieces was the bomber jacket, as he added unique and feminine detailed touches such as ribboning against masculine style personalised patches which made the look.

Check out the rest of the students collections in the gallery above. Click on the i for designers names.

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Words: Julia Cohen
Photos: Copenhagen Fashion Week