Henrica Langh: Consciously Designed Ready-To-Wear Inspired by Human Anatomy & the Fragile Chaos of the Psyche

The Henrica Langh label was born from a combined love of design and art, and a desire to create fashion with a heart. By combining fashion design with artistic expression, Henrica Langh creates consciously designed ready-to-wear collections and art projects that inspire and build upon each other.

Finding inspiration in human anatomy and the fragile chaos of the psyche, Langh creates collections that explore dress as a second skin, and our delicate existence in this world. The label and all the collections are built on stories and poetry, and the ready-to-wear items are designed to become part of your individual story.

“The latest ready-to-wear collection was inspired by an artistic project that explored dress as an artistic medium. The collection is called Memento Mori/ Agliophobia and comprises two layers. The first layer, Memento Mori, represents our vulnerable inside; these are our most intimate thoughts and feelings. The second layer, Agliophobia, is the everyday armour we wear to protect our inside from being hurt. The Memento Mori tops were designed based on a series of corsets visually inspired by human anatomy, and come in three different prints that reflect our relationship to life and mortality.

“The ready-to-wear collections are created for the conscious femme fatale; who is strong, independent, and passionate; has personal style; and cares about the world we live in.”

“Conscious design, quality, sustainable material sourcing, and ethical small-scale production are some of the main focus points in the ready-to-wear collections. Each item is consciously designed down to the smallest details and ethically manufactured in Europe. The materials are sourced from around the world and the manufacturing is done through a close relationship between the designer and a small company in Tallinn, Estonia.

“Henrica Langh should, however, by no means be identified as a sustainable label, as this is a highly problematic statement due to many different reasons; it is a journey with an objective of becoming increasingly circular and environmentally friendly. Everything from the buttons on the shirts and the interfacing, to the final packaging, have been selected with high attention to environmental and ethical aspects. All ready-to-wear items are made from organic and/or consciously produced natural materials, such as GOTS-certified, all-natural cotton and MicroModal, and all printing inks are free from harmful toxins.

“If you want to invest in a consciously designed statement piece that adds new meaning to your story, you can find the ready-to-wear items in the official webshop (shop.henricalangh.com) or via Uhuru London (uhurufashion.com). And keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for future projects and events in London!”

Anyone interested in collaborating on an art project, photo shoot, fashion performance, or other creative project, can get in touch with Henrica Langh via the links below.