Launching today, 30 April…

Brighton’s One Eyed Jacks gallery has collaborated with independent photography publishers, Mossless, to showcase a selection of work from their latest publication – The United States (2003-2013).

This, their third and largest issue to date, was published in 2014, and features the work of over 100 photographers in a composition of new American photographs taken over the last ten years.

One Eyed Jacks aims to showcase artists with a flair for narrative and a keen eye for aesthetics.

Check it out.

30 April – 27 June

Andrew Bruah. Emiliano Granado. Curran Hatleberg. William Mebane. Nguan. Missy Prince. Whitten Sabbatini. Lara Shipley. Emily Shur. Stephen Tamiesie. Nathanael Turner. Nat Ward. Keith Yahrling. Suzanna Yak.

Open Wed-Fri: 11.30-18.30, Sat/Sun: 10.30-17.30, Mon/Tues: Closed
One Eyed Jacks, 28 York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU