Modern Panic VI @ Hackney’s Apiary Studios

Dave McKean - Queen Staffs(c) Andru FijalkowskiPeter Hanmer- Don't stop till you get enough (detail).Tommy Graham - Rolf. (c) Roisin Larkin(c) Roisin LarkinRalph Steadman & William S Burroughs - Something New Has Been AddedMedusa - Bakhtiyar Berkin(c) Lucy Sparrow(c) Lucy SparrowGlenn Fitzpatrick - Seat of PowerDavid Dellagi, The Secret Museum, 2014.(c) Charlotte BaileyAdam Harvey - Anti-Capitalist Propaganda

Last Friday 13th saw the launch of Guerrilla Zoo’s Modern Panic VI, at Hackney’s Apiary Studios.

Curated by James Elphick, the show features a unique collection of surreal, controversial and provocative international artists and live art practitioners, who explore the dark fringes of art.

Opening night saw a number of live displays, including the grossly disturbing Louis Fleischauer, whose sickeningly, self-indulgent Aesthetic Meat Front performance was a long drawn out affair, that amounted to nothing more than a bloody mess. Like, literally.

Fleischauer was joined by three other artists who connected their piercings via chains and invited the audience to drum on them. But it was the jamming of a dozen or so needles into his forehead that really took the performance too far, and with so much blood all over the place, one did kinda worry about hepatitis and all that jazz.

The Panic Ephermeral Live Art opening night also included a one-on-one virtual reality, fully immersive experience by Trendscendence; a performance homage to Ralph Steadman by the fiery Snake Fervor, and durational installations by MisSa Blue and Glenn Fitzpatrick.

This year, over two events, the Panic Sermons are showcasing a collection of acts by new and ground breaking live art practitioners, with a diverse selection of performances involving strength, surrealism, sound, ritual and blood. Yup, more of that.

Sunday 16th featured performances by Syban, Takatsuna Mukai and Eliza Soroga, Marnie Scarlet and Sebastiano Sing. Still to come, on closing night – Sunday 22nd November – are live performaces by Philip Bedwell, Emily Bee and RE:Act!

Advance tickets are available HERE.

But not for the faint-hearted.

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Words: Sarah Hardy