Maria Amtoft Mikkelsen is a visual artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, who works with graphic design, photography and video. She’s currently studying Tailoring & Design at Copenhagen School of Design & Technology, and will this month be interning with a fashion designer based in Bilbao, Spain.

Maria is always on a hunt for vintage clothes, which is pretty much the only thing she buys; “I think all my jackets are vintage and most of my shirts too,” she said, admitting that she doesn’t have the typical relationship with shoes that is attributed to most women; “My closet is filled with shoes, literally, but they’re all my boyfriend’s! I usually have just one pair, that I wear every day for any occasion, until they’re literally trash. I bought the same pair twice, so I actually only wore one pair for three years. But I recently broke that pattern, now I have two pairs, they’re very alike, but not the same.”

On that note, we check out Maria’s wardrobe for our favourite days of the week…

Friday's Outfit | Maria Amtoft Mikkelsen, Visual Artist

Friday’s Outfit | Maria Amtoft Mikkelsen, Visual Artist

Friday: Heading out to see good friends of mine, Jørck, for their album release party, at the beautiful surroundings at Dome of Visions. We celebrated their album Black Sun, with live performances and drinks – but if I had ever spent hours in a greenhouse before in my life, at the coldest time of the year, my choice of outfit would definitely have been different! I froze my ass off.

Jacket – Zara; Shirt – Vintage; Jeans – Weekday; Boots – Zara; Belt – Vintage; Necklace – Handcrafted

Saturday's Outfit | Maria Amtoft Mikkelsen, Visual Artist

Saturday’s Outfit | Maria Amtoft Mikkelsen, Visual Artist

Saturday: Spent almost all day in bed chilling with my boyfriend, until we got hungry enough to leave the house and went out get some food from our local Thai. We stayed home all night in company with a few bottles of red wine.

Shirt – Zara; Skirt – Vintage; Shoes – Ganni

Sunday's Outfit | Maria Amtoft Mikkelsen, Visual Artist

Sunday’s Outfit | Maria Amtoft Mikkelsen, Visual Artist

Sunday: After half a day re-charging my batteries, I went to a pre-opening of the new Japanese ramen bar, Papa Ramen. I tried Ramen for the first time in Berlin about a year ago, even though I thought eggs in soup was a little too exotic, it has become a weekly meal for me.

Jacket – Vintage; Shirt – Vintage; Jeans –  Rag & Bone; Belt – Vintage

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