Just in time for that annual celebration of love (or commiseration for lack thereof) comes WORM.

Two girls, namely Terri Chandler and Katie Smyth, decided to put their love of books and flowers into a brand new venture, and their first mission was to ‘take on Valentine’s Day’.

WORM have created three different bunch and book pairs to reflect the feelings people have about Valentine’s, and are working with small independent publisher, Four Corners Books, to create a more personal and thought out delivery of flowers.

WORM Valentine's Offer 2016

Whether you’re a lover, a cynic or a hater, WORM has got you covered with these three options:

‘It’s Valentine’s Day And I Love You Forever My Lovely Love’
Flowers: Poppys, Anemones, Wax Flower, Eucalyptus Polyanthemos and other seasonal beauties which look the best on the day.
Book: Love Songs and Sonnets by Peter Washington

I Totally See Valentine’s Day For The Hollow Commercial Charade It Is, But I’m Not Taking The Chance’
Flowers: Delphiniums, parvifolia, anemones, eucalyptus polybractea and other non Valentine blooms which look nice on the day.
Book: The Nose by Nikolai Gogol

‘Valentines Day Is Shit And These Dead Flowers Smell Like Piss’
Flowers: Dead flowers, dried flowers, fake flowers and believe it or not flowers that NATURALLY smell like piss.
Book: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Fiona Banner and Paolo Pellegrin

​WORMS are taking orders for Valentine’s until Friday night, with just 40 exclusive deliveries for this, their first project.

You can pick up your order from their flower dungeon in Stoke Newington or they can deliver it for you, provided you’re in: E1, E2, E3, E5, E8, E9, E10, E13, E15, N1, N5, N15 and N16.


Artwork: D.A.D.D.Y