Origins, Heist’s fourth exhibition, celebrates people and places who have remained largely unchanged for centuries, capturing the fascinating traditions and unique raw beauty of hidden worlds.

HEIST founder, Mashael Al-Rushaid, said; “We have found ourselves living on a planet whose citizens are slowly forming uniform pan-global identities, in which people are increasingly beginning to sound alike, act alike and believe in the same things. Despite the great contributions that the march towards modernity has made towards our civilizations, it has started to strip us of what makes us fundamentally unique, what makes us human.”

Origins features works from internationally renowned photographers, including British photojournalist and TED prize winner Jimmy Nelson of his infamous series “Before They Pass Away”; Fashion photographer and co-founder of Dazed and Confused Magazine, Rankin; Forbes 30 Brightest under 30 for Art & Design, Claire Rosen; Vatican commissioned interior photographer Massimo Listri; AND THE INCREDIBLE TALENTS OF Mario Marino; Jean Claude Moschett;, Xavier Guardans.

Until 30th April 2015

Words: Bella Rox